Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Choose a Right Web Hosting Service?

Indeed, choosing a right web hosting service for your website is no easy task, especially when there are thousands of web hosting providers all with almost identical web hosting packages. Therefore, it is important to know some important aspects, before you even start looking for web hosting. There are three main criteria for the applicant host:
Web Hosting requirement has
This is probably the most important factor. To start finding a host for your website You need to decide the technical requirements for your website, which includes:
Platform server) and hardware requirementsIf you have a site that is using development environments such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic scripts, Cold Fusion or Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL database to create, in this case, you need to find a service web hosting, Windows platform support, such as Windows NT or Windows Server 2000.
Likewise, if you programming languages ​​such as Perl, CGI, SSI, PHP or MySQL database, using any web hosting plan that sufficient support Unix / Linux platform should, to meet their housing needs. Once you have these server platform and hardware in mind, you can decide. The best web hosting plans for your needs For more information, please read "How to select a platform web server and the server?"

The space b) and the required bandwidthHere is another technical requirement that you need to consider before choosing a web hosting plan, storage and bandwidth either. If you have a site that does not want to publish a lot of content (web sites), then the disk space required may not be a big concern for you. In general, a memory of 200 MB with 500 MB be enough to satisfy her apartment. Conversely, when you host a Web page with lots of graphics, video or MP3 files, then you should provide a web hosting plan, the huge space, for example, 500 MB to 1000 Mon
Similarly, the bandwidth required depends on an assessment of site traffic. Obviously, a website that expect to attract traffic to the monthly bandwidth allowance very quickly consume. If this is the case, you need a web hosting service that offer huge bandwidth with 40 GB to 100 GB per month to find. Provide on your website needs, choosing a web hosting service, sufficient space and bandwidth crucial consideration to prevent paying extra costs in the future in case of excessive use of disk space and monthly bandwidth allowance.
c) Other hosting optionsAre during the above requirements are extremely important, there are other options that you have to take into account. Can web hosting provider support video clips on your website, if you? Does the web hosting with Dreamweaver or FrontPage Web site creation tools? Do you want a virtual online shop? Host e-commerce functions can no extra cost to your monthly payments to support? You can also set the number of e-mail accounts are available, the number of FTP accounts, web statistics software supports (analyze your web traffic), type of control panel (manage your web hosting Account languages), support databases and scripts, etc.
Reliability and Scalability
A first-class band hosting provider offers reliable server uptime and fast Internet connection. You should get a web hosting service, server availability of 99% with high-speed Internet backbones guarantee at least OC3 (Optical Carrier) lines (155 Megabits per second) or more, instead of T1 or T3 lines. A reliable web hosting provider usually invests heavily on their data center infrastructure with high performance servers, high speed multiple backbones providers failover redundancy, backup generators and firewall software protection in place to ensure s, they set the uptime guarantee in the terms of use.
You should also designed a web hosting service with hardware facilities for scalability, so that they can grow with your business. For example, if you need to increase the disk space, bandwidth or number of MySQL databases, you should be able to upgrade as needed without any problems.
Customer Service and Support
The last major consideration in choosing a web hosting service is a web hosting provider that you find excellent customer service and support offerings. You should always look for a web hosting provider that offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the inclusion of high-tech experience, so that all problems web hosting be solved in a reasonable time. You can also check their reactivity customer support by sending e-mail survey some web hosting providers. Generally a reaction in less than 24 hours is considered acceptable. It is a sign of poor customer service, if they last more than a day to answer.

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